Mestika ATM Card

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The Mestika ATM card is a benefit of Mestika savings account/current account to provide its clients with convenience in making transactions. Bank Mestika ATM card has the following benefits:

  • You can perform cash deposits and withdrawals at Bank Mestika ATMs with the following limits:
    1. Maximum frequency of cash deposits and/or withdrawals is 10 times per day
    2. Maximum cash deposit limit is Rp30,000,000 per day
    3. Maximum cash withdrawal limit is Rp10,000,000 per day
  • The clients can make transactions at all Bank Mestika ATM, ATM Bersama and PRIMA.
  • The clients can make billing payments for state revenue payments, electricity bills, PDAM Tirtanadi Medan, SPN, PLN, BPJS, Telkom (landline and Indihome), Telkomsel (Halo), Indosat Ooreedoo, XL, Smartfren, Finpay, Vision and Toyota Astra finance installments.
  • The clients can top up credits for electricity, Simpati, Kartu As, Smartfren, Indosat Ooredoo, Tri and XL.
  • The clients can top up balance of E-Wallet (Gopay, OVO, and LinkAja).
  • The clients can use it as a debit card.

Bank Mestika ATM cards can be used on Bank Mestika ATM machines that are located in several locations. Bank Mestika ATM cards can also be used on ATM machines that are included in the ATM Bersama or PRIMA networks.

Terms and conditions:

  • The client shall open a Mestika Savings Account (TAMES) or Mestika Current Account.
  • The client shall sign the ATM Application Form.
  • The ATM service shall be terminated if the account is closed.
  • The card bearer shall be given a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • The card bearer is responsible for his PIN, which must no be revealed to anyone and must be regularly changed.
  • The ATM card belongs to the bank and has to be returned to the bank when being asked. The bank is not obliged to give any reasons for this.
  • Joint account names (“and”) are not entitled to ATM cards.


Jenis Transaksi Keterangan Biaya
Penyetoran tunai Biaya penyetoran tunai Rp 0,-
Penarikan tunai Biaya penarikan tunai Rp 0,-
Transfer antar bankTransfer ke rekening bank lain Rp 6.500,- per transaksi.
Cek saldo rekeningBiaya informasi saldoRp 0,-
Penggantian kartu ATMBiaya penggantian kartu ATM rusak / hilangRp 10.000,-.


Jenis TransaksiKeteranganBiaya
Penarikan tunai (melalui jaringan ATM Bersama / jaringan PRIMA)Transaksi tarik tunai pertama per hariRp 0,-
Transaksi kedua dan seterusnya pada hari yang samaRp 7.500,- per transaksi
Transfer antar bank (melalui jaringan ATM Bersama / jaringan PRIMA)Transfer rekening antar bank Rp 6.500,- per transaksi.
Cek saldo rekening (melalui jaringan ATM Bersama / jaringan PRIMA) Biaya informasi saldo melalui jaringan ATM Bersama / jaringan PRIMA Rp 4.000,- per transaksi.
Biaya administrasi transaksi Biaya transaksi melalui jaringan ATM Bersama / jaringan PRIMA karena saldo tidak cukup Rp 4.000,- per transaksi.

Overview of Product and Service (General) Mestika ATM Card Download Here


  • If the ATM card is misused, the client shall be the responsibilities for any losses.
  • If the ATM card is damaged/ lost, the client shall sign a sufficiently stamped declaration letter at the bank.
  • Transaction failures may happen due to problems with the network.

For more information call us MestikaCall 14083 or visit our nearest branch.