Tabungan Mestika Dollar

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  • Requirements
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Tabungan Mestika Dollar is a savings product in foreign currency (USD/SGD). The benefits of this saving are :

  • Multi rate interest. The greater the account balance, the higher the interest rate is and is calculated daily.
  • Savings book is provided.
  • Transaction at all offices of Bank Mestika * (cash deposit and withdrawal is converted to/from Rupiah in accordance to the running exchange rates)

Beginning Balance and Minimum balance

  • minimum beginning balance (USD/SGD) : $ 100
  • minimum balance (USD/SGD) : $ 10

Terms and Conditions

  • The client is an individual.
  • The client shall present a valid original identity card (resident identification card/KTP, driving license, temporary work permit/KITAS or permanent work permit/KITAP.
  • Is able to be used as collateral.
  • Minimum Beginning deposit and next deposit according to requirements.
  • The minimum balance to be maintained for each withdrawal is SGD 10/USD 10.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be done any time during business hours.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can only be done in Rupiah currency.
  • Maximum withdrawal amount is equivalent :
    • SGD 1.000 per day/SGD 10.000 per month.
    • USD 1.000 per day/USD 7.500 per month.
  • The client shall show the original savings book and ID card during withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals by non-client shall be accompanied by the power of attorney with sufficient stamps.
  • Transactions which are not printed onto the savings book for 3 (three) consecutive months shall be cumulated into 1 (one) debit/credit transaction.
  • In case of discrepancies between the balance in the savings book and in the bank’s bookkeeping, the balance shall refer to that in the bank’s bookkeeping.
  • The savings account becomes dormant if the client has not made any transactions for 6 (six) consecutive months.
  • The interest rates are calculated at the end of the month and credited to the savings account at the beginning of the following month.
  • Administration fee will be charged monthly
  • Tax on interest shall be imposed in accordance with the prevailing regulations.
  • If the saving book is lost, client must report immediately to the Bank. Bank will issue a savings book with a new account number and the old account will be closed.
  • Client is responsible for any misuse included but not limited to loss and/or fabrication of savings book.
  • If the client passes away, the release of the savings by the heir shall conform to the prevailing laws.


  • Monthly Aministration Fee : $ 1 (USD/SGD)
  • Dormant Fee : -
  • Account Closing Fee : $ 10 (USD/SGD)
  • Transfer Fee : Rp. 35.000
  • Draft Fee : Rp. 25.000
  • Transfer Fee (Full Amount ) : $ 25 (USD/SGD)

Overview of Product and Service (General) Tabungan Mestika Dolar Download Here

  • In case of the loss of the savings book:
    • The client shall close the account at the bank where the opening has been done;
    • The client shall sign a loss declaration with sufficient stamps;
    • The client shall open a new account if necessary.
  • The account is automatically closed if the balance is “0”.
  • The bank has the rights to block a bank account anytime based on its discretion considering any inappropriate use of the account.
  • The account balance shall be deducted if the interest is unable to cover the administration fee.
  • The savings account becomes dormant if the client has not made any transactions for 6 (six) consecutive months and the client shall reactivate the account at the office where the opening has been done.

Any changes in the terms and conditions and/or costs associated with the product shall be informed by the bank via electronic media and/or announcement and/or registered mail and/or courier (expedition) and/or directly via telephone. Notice sent via registered mail or courier (expedition) is considered to have been received by the client 7 (seven) days after dispatch.

For more information call us MestikaCall 14083 or visit our nearest branch.